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Divine Irony: An Essay

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The premise shows that Isaiah's and Christ's words about parables support an ironic interpretation of some passages of scripture. Chapter 1 deals with irony in Genesis on the story of the fall of man. I mention the sophistry of the late Carl Sagan's take on the fall of man. Chapter 2 discusses the irony in God's words about the Tower of Babel. Chapter 3 mentions Jesus' ironic comment about Nathanael in the Gospel. Chapter 4 discusses the irony in Hebrews concerning those mentioned as exemplars of faith. These examples showed many faithless behaviors and actions. God pulls at straws to give examples of faith by using the faithlessness of the examples used. This is a type of irony. Chapter 5 explains that being a prophet does not guarantee the reader that the words are accurate and true. I point out the prevarications of Penn Jillette regarding his take on the Bible as well.

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