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Alternative Genesis is a collection of three essays.
The first essay, 'The Many Gods of Israel' asks the following questions about the Jewish Nation. How can the race/nation/religion of Judaism produce people of great magnificence and at the same time create death and mayhem on a massive scale?
How do we reconcile Albert Einstein and so many other of the worlds great Jewish scientists, artists and humanitarian with the Irgun, the first modern terrorist movement that killed 92 people in the bombing of the King David Hotel, invented the car bomb, and combined with other terrorist groups to carry out the Deir Yassin massacre where 600 Palestinian Arab villagers where slaughtered. How do you reconcile the Holocaust with what is happening in Palestine? These questions widened through my research to include Christianity and Islam.
By tracing the development of the Jewish ‘one God’ the resulting conclusion is that the one God is really a mash-up of many different gods and this has permeated the splinter religions of Christianity and Islam. Some of these gods were gentle, caring gods and others smash and destroy fire and brimstone monster gods. The result is that by being selective about which part of the ‘Holy Books’ of Judaism/Christianity/Islam a person reads they can find a god to quote to justify the unjustifiable.
The second essay, 'The Garden of Eden Incident' is a ‘What If’ essay. What if the story of Adam and the woman in the Garden of Eden was a story to illustrate the psychological evolution of the human race? Something happened to the human race about 4500BCE that caused a major change in direction. This is about the same time that the Garden of Eden incident was supposed to happen. The approach is to dump all religious judgements, dump all judgements and look at the words as a story intended to convey the essence of what really happened. This is a common technique used in many. The result is the conclusion that the cause and effect laid out in the Garden of Eden incident match what happened to the human race. The natural result of introducing ‘the knowledge of good and evil into the human psyche is the chaos and mayhem of the modern world.
The third essay, 'Enoch and the Watchers', is a commentary on part of the Book of Enoch that fills in the massive gaps in Genesis about the Giants that walked the earth, the Satans, Noah and the flood and the nature of God as a physical entity. It is a commentary with no attempt to judge if it is a true account or just a story that would make a great Star Wars movie. True or not it makes much more sense than Genesis, and seems to be the source of the many little statements in Genesis that don’t seem to relate to the text of Genesis. It is not surprising that The Book of Enoch was excluded from the Bible because it does not fit into Jewish/Christian dogma.
Together the three essays show that there are many interpretations of Genesis that make sense outside of religion. Religion gets in the way of the true value of Genesis to the human race.

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