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Saving His Words

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Jonathan's book sold out in minutes, which was the last thing he'd wished for. The reason for his distress was that he'd wanted a photo of himself surrounded by piles of his book and now all the evidence was gone.
The e-book copies he'd sold didn't seem real to him, until Janet took over as his agent, secretary and wife and convinced him that virtual books were real books. His agent had always managed everything for him previously and he hadn't shown him where to find his books on the internet, but now that Janet had shown him how to open up the site and click on the cover to admire it, he felt happy with an e-book.
Janet had given him both the confidence to speak in public and to visualize what was happening in the virtual world with his books, so he owed most of his success to her. Then one day she told him he was on his own, as she wanted to write her own book. He panicked immediately and convinced himself he had writers block, -until he received her email that said, -Come on Johnny, you can do it.

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