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Ode To A Protruding Gap Filler: A Multi-Themed Poetry Collection

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This book is a multi-themed poetry collection that I have composed over many years. The themes are: Romantic, Christian Faith, Christmas, Space and Science Fiction, and Miscellaneous. The poem that is the title of this collection. "Ode to a Protruding Gap Filler", honors the brave crews of all the Space Shuttle missions and disparages small-minded politicians and others whose views and actions have led to, in my opinion, the abandonment of the dream of humanity in Space. The other poems are just fun. Since, first and foremost, I am a Christian, my relationship with My Lord, Jesus Christ, informs all my work. In my faith themed poems, you will read how Jesus strengthened me and can help other believers during difficult times. In my Christmas themed poems, you will read that Jesus is the "real reason for the Season".
I liken myself to be the "Poet Laureate of Walmart" where I have worked for many years as a cashier. One of the poems in the Miscellaneous category in this book, "What's My Line?" is derived from my cashiering experiences.
The poems in this collection have structure to them (no free verse for this poet!): rhyming couplets, acrostic poems, and a haiku. I enjoy challenging myself to write structured poems. This also demonstrates a philosophy of mine that one's emotions should be mediated by one's reason and intellect.

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