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Spirits of the Woods and Other Stories

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"Spirits of the Woods and Other Stories" contains several stories about dryads, and a horror story about a terrorist who keeps coming back from the dead to kill again and again, and a couple of stories about demon worship, and several sci-fi tales. There are 20 stories in this collection, over 100,000 words, and they cover a variety of subjects and styles. There are a number of contemporary fantasies herein, and a couple stories about space aliens, and several stories featuring the Middle East or Middle Eastern themes (like genies). Stories are set in San Diego, Cairo, and San Francisco, among other places. Enter an amazing world of stories and bounce around in time and space, meeting people from all walks of life, from the San Diego homeless to Cairo's sorcerer elite. Odds are good you'll find at least a few stories you like in this collection, so give it a try, and get your speculative fiction on!

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