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Sex on the Slopes

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The first three stories in Charlotte Edwards' hot 'Après Ski' series, together in one collection:

Sex With The Ski Instructor. Lorraine and Kate were thirty something housewives away from their husbands and families, on a ski trip together in Germany. An incident in the sauna led to one thing after another and before they know it, the innocent women have bitten off more than they can chew!

Deflowered By the Ski Instructor. Kurt the German ski instructor has a couple of new targets in his sights; all American college girls Sam and Edie. He invites the two up for a quiet drink with him and his gorgeous lesbian partner and they won't be leaving with their cherries intact.

The Ski Instructor Has Miss Hanaghan. After seducing two of her gorgeous students, Kurt has his eye on the equally lovely chaperone. Kelly Hanaghan is bored with her role on the ski trip and doesn't take much persuading to join the instructors for a party. She surprised to find she's the only guest and it doesn't take long for Kurt and the femdom Monika to get her panties off. What happens next simply blows the young teacher's mind.

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