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Worms' Ending

511 pages7 hours


Book 8

Tension mounts in Last Ridings. Brock's planned advance across the Ostern to liberate Pellarn fast approaches, and Gawain is plagued by a great snake of a worm which writhes relentlessly, robbing him of sleep, distracting him by day.

Allazar frets too; he has solved an ancient enigma, and neither he nor the King of Ashes can withstand the forces of elder times compelling them once more to action. There are questions to be asked, and there is only one place where the answers may be found.

With the threat of Eldenbeard and Eldengaze hovering close by, Gawain takes his leave of Elayeen and Last Ridings for what they hope will be a brief and final time. Time, Elayeen declares, has finally caught up with them. Time, Gawain hopes, for the ending of the worms which plague him still.

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