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Filtiarn (The Athol Trilogy, Book 3): The Athol Trilogy, #3

170 pages2 hours


Erin and Conner have finally broken free of their enchantments, but the fight is still on to rescue humanity. Rosa has plans to overtake their pack and claim the title of Alpha for herself, but it's not the only surprise.

Filtiarn is still alive, and he plots along with his mother to overthrow and kill Conner and Erin, along with the others who aid them in their cause. But does he have plans of his own? A burning flame still lingers in his heart for one he loves, but he knows she will need more than persuasion to be by his side.

Can humanity be restored? And will the Athol pack ever be as one, safe under Erin's rule? She and Conner must fight for each other, as well as the lives of everyone they care about, if they are to win the day. A love that has outlasted centuries binds them together, but it might be the final chapter of their story...

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