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My Straight Tutor (Gay Short Story)

31 pages20 minutes


Hank and Austin—two long time college pals—catch up after two years when Hank needs some help with a math class. The two quickly realize that they’ve been intensely interested in each other for years, and quickly explore their bodies and learn more about themselves.


“Hank, do you ever think that we’re two pieces of gum randomly stuck together? I think Koishi sees it that way.”

Austin looked Hank over. Hank was wearing a blue tank, that showed off his toned biceps and slightly twinkish body, and white mesh basketball shorts with a keychain hanging out of his pocket, well accompanied with the ever-present fold in the shorts from Hank’s soft dick.

“I, uh, well. You see…” Hank said, his voice trailing off, awkwardly.

Austin took one more glance downward, and he had his answer. Austin saw a growing bulge in Hank’s shorts that indicated he was right. Bullseye.

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