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The Secret Desires of a Soccer Mom

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Paige Atwell is completely satisfied with her suburban existence: the carpools, coffee klatches and scheduled sex night with her husband. But when her friend Karen admits to a steamy love affair, Paige is forced to reexamine her life. Is she really content? Or is she merely complacent? Then Karen is found dead in a pool of blood in her garage and Paige’s quiet life is shaken to its core. Paige doesn’t buy the accident theory Karen’s husband is spinning. And she knows that Karen’s adulterous secret could give the police the motive they need. But Paige can’t destroy her friend’s reputation and turn her into gossip fodder. She realizes her only choice is to investigate Karen’s death herself... a choice that leads her into danger, temptation and a secret so shocking that their quiet suburb will never be the same. The Secret Desires of a Soccer Mom offers us a darkly funny look at what goes on behind closed doors in the cul-de-sac.

"[Robyn Harding] concocts a deft comic look at suburban marriage malaise and a surprising remedy -- a friend's murder that turns her into an unlikely sleuth; contender for best book title of the season.”

— Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"This hilarious tale of motherhood, marriage, murder and suburban lust is laugh-out-loud funny.”

— Tucson Citizen

"Ms. Harding creates characters and a story that will not be forgotten.”


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