I was your typical middle aged guy, I had a great wife, a small older home and a slightly run down aging car. I worked at a large company in middle management and was pretty much just your average guy with an average life. I loved just to hang out with Cindy (my wife) and mill around the house, a lot of the time I would spend time with my dad and if I couldn’t Cindy did.

That is until it comes that time in a manager’s position that you have to make those tough decisions that affect other people’s lives. I have had to terminate a lot of people over the years but none affected me as much as the last. Strange things started to happen at work, then, it began to happen at home and over time became worse and worse until it was an unimaginable nightmare. Cindy and I will never be the same and I know I’ll never be a manager again thanks to “The no call, no show”.
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