A good deed over thirty years ago completely changes this character’s life. Overnight, he goes from a normal run-of-the-mill, eight-to-five job to having more than he had ever thought was possible. A visit from the company’s lawyer originally makes him think it is all a sales pitch, at least until she hands him an envelope with a bundle of money. Still skeptic, he boards a company plane for a couple of hours’ trip across the state to his old hometown.
An old-looking storage cellar, usually used to store field crops, such as onions, potatoes, apples, etc., is not all it is appears to be.
He and his wife continue to get used to the inheritance, and he continues to explore and discover areas underground. He finds areas for storage, animal corrals, utilities, and general survival. No longer can he hold all this information inside; he starts to show his wife, and they explore underground tunnels and storage.

Until one morning he finds a note on his desk. “I know you know I’m here. Meet me at my quarters at ten clock.”This meeting answers a lot of questions and brings up more. A whole new and absolutely correct set of manuals, blueprints, contracts, etc., is delivered by this strange old man, the Noah Project. Strangely, they are delivered by N.
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