Zoe Blackwood has a peculiar gift: she sees the dead.
Well only the ones that didn't move on, but linger in the world of the living.
„In a way I really am crazy, or simply as my drag queen friend Peter likes to call me “ultra sighted”. I can see beyond a normal person’s specter. I don’t know if it’s medically possible to describe it, but I guess it would be something like: my eyes see more “light” or whatever frequencies than normal ones.
To sum it up: I see dead people! (Not to be cheesy but I just had to quote the Sixth Sense. If you’ve seen it, and you probably have, you have a slight insight in what my daily life’s all about.)
But just to be clear, I don’t see the corpses of people the way they’ve looked at the moment of death. No. I see ghosts like you see a normal person. Looking regular, tangible as ever and even more alive than most of the people you’ll see walking around the streets.
Besides that annoying little talent of mine, I’m your regular young adult. Or I’m trying to be at least. Believe me, I try hard.
I’m five foot three, long black, straight hair and ordinary brown eyes. Nothing really special about my looks. Just like your average girl, I have my issues regarding the way I look, but nothing extremely relevant.
Aside from that, I’m a student at a local community college. I earn for my living expenses working in a book shop.“
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