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Twelve American Wars
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The Hidden History of American Wars
Eugene G. Windchy lays bare the tricks, errors, and secret plans that have taken the America people into avoidable wars. Some of his conclusions:
In 1964, civilians in Washington orchestrated the Tonkin Gulf naval incidents, which led to the war in Vietnam. The war could have been won with an Army-recommended strategy rejected by President Johnson.
In 1915, Winston Churchill, head of the British Admiralty, deliberately routed the British passenger liner Lusitania into danger and canceled its convoy. Churchill hoped that the loss of American lives would bring the United States into the World War.
World War I resulted from a long range plan guided largely by a Russian diplomat, Count Alexander Isvolsky. In Paris when the war began, Isvolsky declared, “C’est ma guerre!” (It’s my war!). Infuriated by that, the leading French Socialist, Jean Jaures, vowed to expose the Franco-Russian intrigue. The next day Jaures was shot to death.
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