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The purpose of this book is to bring hope. The goal of this book is to “serve” the reader (s). The destination for each work of poetry is to hit upon the hearts, souls, minds and bodies of all peoples of the world. The primary concern of each of the poems within this book is that they fall onto the “Spirit-ground” and then take root when planted in whatever grounds that they may be cast.

May all of these POEM SEEDS help to encourage great, wonder-filled global imaginations. Imaginations that will allow beautiful picture-thoughts to expand, within the realms of every conscientious reader leader. So much so that “Divine Inspiration” will be able to flourish from the GOOD GROUND of the entire world community. Humanity demands that we all can strive … to keep hope alive! Wake Up And Sing is written for all the “ups & downs” days of life. Purpose … goal … and destination … of each poem, focuses on keeping a smooth pathway towards the direction of the GREAT DIVINE Author of all Mankind.
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