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In an age where the great Titans which once roamed the earth has passed. Dromicus, the Almighty King of the Gods allowed man to make rise into a glorious future. Centuries after the deadliest of the Titan's was defeated by divine hands. The world of man has settled into an age of hesitant prosperity. For ever there looms the threat of evil. Poised to devour all which stands beneath the doom of its shadow.

The people have turned from such dire thoughts and now turn to the distractions of the day. Heroes of the arena offer such distraction. Gladiator's, who risk all in the games to see themselves rise as Gods among men. To have their names become legend. Imbedded within the minds of those who echo their names.

King Adric of the Kingdom of Rockrist is declining in years and now seeks to step aside placing the Kingdom's affairs into the hands of one of his son's. Prince's Johnathan and Dorian. The boys now find themselves as rivals. As Johnathan desires to be named his father's heir. While Dorian the younger, but wishes to prove himself worthy while trying to woo the beautiful Valerie Valerius.

Unknown of them. A mysterious evil is about to re-surface. An enemy storied to be not flesh and blood and holds terrible powers. In addition to this evil. Rumors from the far west across the ocean are making waves. As the patriarch of a great and powerful house seeks to reclaim what is theirs. The throne of Rockrist!
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