America had been attacked and ravaged over three nights by an elite force of Al-Qaeda guerilla teams, but thanks to FBI special agent Philip Calvert and his ad hoc team of agents, cops, and Marine sharpshooters, that assault had been blunted, and many of the attackers killed or captured. Still Al-Qaeda had accomplished much, for the assault had terrified Americans from the smallest hamlets to the largest cities.

And so successful had the assault been, that the evil mastermind behind it is now determined to repeat it again and again and again until America bows and submits to Islam and the rule of the supreme Iranian Ayatollah.

Unfortunately for this evil genius and his allies, seemingly disgraced agent Philip Calvert is actually still on the job. And so is his team, now no longer an ad hoc group, but America’s premiere anti-terrorist task force – Task Force AT. And its job isn’t simply to counter terrorists and arrest them, but to eliminate them with prejudice
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