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Two Edwardian Adventures

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This book consists of 2 light-hearted novellas of about 16,000 words each, set in Edwardian times, mostly in Edinburgh, and linked by some of the characters involved.
‘Adventure at the National Exhibition’ is a tale of old and new illusions, some of which are shattered by the end of the story. Betsy Martin is captivated by the acts at Edinburgh’s Empire Palace of Varieties, but she isn’t so keen on her older sister Kirstie’s friend Mr Hamilton, who is with them. Later, at the National Exhibition of 1908, the girls encounter one of the performers from the variety show again, along with two policemen and a lady from Corstorphine, but they have no idea how adventurous the day will be or how much it will change at least one of their lives.
‘Adventure on the Scotch Express’ is a tale of several people with something to hide who share a compartment on the Special Scotch Express between York and Edinburgh in 1909. Suffragette Kirstie Martin has persuaded her brother to put on a disguise to travel with her, but they have no idea that the young artist in the corner isn’t what he seems either. Even the respectable ladies from Morningside and the ticket collector are acting strangely, and the two policemen are at their wits’ end. It isn’t until the suffragette march in Edinburgh the following day that everything is finally sorted out.

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