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Victim City Stories Collection 1 contains issues one through three of the previously published Victim City Stories. Nine heart-stopping stories and over 130,000 soul-numbing words of pulp action and crime horror.

Victim City Stories is a new experience in serial fiction.
In each teeth grinding installment, you’ll thrill to the adventures of the Bleeding Skull.
You’ll recoil from the crimes of the Murder Man.
Your pulse will race reading tales of those who dare to live in Victim City.

Protected only with a paper mask, armed only with his own will, he pushes his body and mind to the limit to save those beyond help.
He’s an old fashioned hero in a city finding new ways to hurt. Pray for the Bleeding Skull.

A new kind of hell has come to Victim City. His name is George Murdam. A killer for hire staying one step ahead of a treacherous past, brutalizing his way into an uncertain future. Follow the bloodstained path of the Murder Man.

One man fights for the lost, the other is beyond redemption.

Also in every issue, a page turning bonus story covering the breadth of exploitation fiction.

In this collection of the first three issues of Victim City Stories you'll uncover:

The Bleeding Skull searches for a missing college student, but what he uncovers will shock even the citizens of Victim City. Thrill to the adventure of The Chains That Bind, The Skull That Bleeds.

Teenagers push all the limits and break all the rules at a party weekend in an abandoned lake house, but there are some lines you can't uncross. Cringe to sex slasher shame in Beer Bong Bloodbath.

When someone tries to play a deadly game with George Murdam, the Murder Man plays rough. Recoil from the crime horror of Violation: Red Holes.

The procurers of Victim City have sunk to a new low, but they will learn that man can be the most debased of the beasts. Though beaten and in chains, they will find out that Every Dog Has His Day, Vengeance is the Bleeding Skull's.

Stan and Lisa are taking a vacation from their marriage, from their inhibitions, from their decency. But they can't get away from themselves, or their Suburban Shame.

Shamed Witness: Club Bounty - Terror on wheels is rolling through Victors Crossing, and the Murder Man, George Murdam, has a contract to put on the brakes.

Child predator and prey alike fear rumors of boogeymen in Victim City. When the Bleeding Skull fights to bust up an online child solicitation ring he uncovers more than he was prepared to face. When myths prove to be horrible reality - Suffer the Children Unto the Bleeding Skull.

Victim City Streets: Gnarled Alleys - The year is 198-. The place, Victors Crossing. A new gang and a new drug have hit the streets. Detectives Menchaca and Foley serve their own brand of justice, but who will protect the children of Victim City when a bad cop gets worse?

Outsider Invasion: Abnormal Magic – Foreign cartels bring a new kind of evil to Victim City. Will the Murder Man put a stop to the brutality or match it with his own?

No word is wasted bringing you the best in pulp action.
No nerve is untouched unveiling the worst in crime depravity.
No line is uncrossed giving you a frank look at what happens behind closed doors.

You’ll find it all in Victim City, the town that fear calls home.

Published: Dale Hammond on
ISBN: 9781310845154
List price: $4.99
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