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Wild For Cowboy

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CHASE DONAVAN, is about to lose his ranch, so risks a return to the Calgary Stampede’s famous Rangeland Derby, the nightly Chuckwagon race that cost him his bride to be and nearly killed him four years ago. But the competition's stiff and there's no guarantee he'll come home with the prize money, so when he's offered a lucrative contract as a male model, he hedges his bet and accepts, hoping no one finds out.

After he booted her out of his life on the eve of their wedding, JENNA CORDELL left her cowboy and her home behind, fleeing to Vancouver in pursuit of her art and a fresh start. The Western Art Show at this year's Stampede brings her full circle and face to face with the sexy jerk that still makes her toes curl in her boots just by looking at her.

When Jenna turns out to be Chase's photographer, he discovers she's grown into an irresistible bundle of charm and never-ending curves – curves he can’t seem to keep his mind off getting his hands on and the re-kindling sparks between them rival the Stampede’s Centennial fireworks display

But can she afford to open her heart again with his life on the line every race? And can Chase trust this new Jenna won’t reveal his secret and turn him into the laughing stock of the rodeo world as pay back for stomping all over her heart in the past?

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