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Grumpy Old Wizards

255 pages3 hours


In this family friendly contemporary fantasy, Josephine, a recently retired grandmother, lives in a modern society where magic is commonplace. Having lived and worked a full life, she spends her days like any other retirement community member with her two dear life long friends although there are a couple of glaring exceptions. She is a part-time consultant for the police because of her acute psychometry and she’s blessed with a youthful body due to slow aging.

Josephine’s quiet world is shattered when she is assigned a case where the crime scene is virtually unreadable to her. Normally, she can identify the perpetrator of a crime with a simple scan but this time, it’s a murder investigation and the criminal is a dark wizard who possesses advanced skills that rival her own and he’s on a quest for greater power. She has never been an investigator and must now rely on the police to come to a speedy resolution unless the dark wizard makes a mistake and leaves a crime scene that she can read.

When the case takes a personal turn and Josephine becomes a target for this dangerous wizard, she begins to wonder if she can survive this ordeal.

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