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Big Ban Theory: Elementary Essence Applied to Technetium, Columbo, Model of Modern Major General, Pirates of Penn’s Aunts, and Magical ME 3nd, 4th, & 6th, Volume 43

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This volume grouped 3 smaller volumes of the "Magical ME" Series together since they were short. Much of the content was fluff so it really isn't necessary reading them. I would just suggest sticking with the Elemental Chapters of Technetium. Volume 43 is a continuation of Volume 42. It cites a Psychic Prediction regarding Leonardo DiCaprio "Cheering" Orlando Bloom hitting Justin Bieber vs. "Cheers." Russell Brand gets into a spat with Sean Hannity born 12/30. A Hammerhead Shark was seen in Navarre Beach, Florida. Julia Roberts played "Face Ball" with Jimmy Fallon. I forgot to make mention in the volume how Navarre Beach is named after a person who wanted to bring someone to the United States but couldn't as a wife. So he had her come to the U.S as his "daughter." I've talked about the parent theme. Technetium 1 is about grouping of 3 volumes into one but where Volume 5 seems to be missing, perhaps mislabeled when the volumes were being made in June 2013. Technetium 2 is about Leonardo DiCaprio cheering linked to "Cheers" cited in the previous volume. Technetium 3 is about Russell Brand in a fight with Sean Hannity born 12/30 aligning with James Burrows born 12/30 in the final episode of "Cheers" #11.25. Technetium 4 is about "Shark Tank" vs. the "seemingly friendly" (?) Hammerhead Shark seen in Navarre Beach, Florida on 7/31 of 2014 on the birthday of Dean Cain as Superman. Technetium 5 cites "Columbo" #9.2 "Columbo Cries [Redacted]" that aired on 1/20 of 1990 as a Prophecy citing the tags I've listed out in the previous 15 volumes. Technetium 6 is regarding Julia Roberts playing "Face Ball" with Jimmy Fallon aligning with what [Redacted] and I were doing on Second Life on 7/31 of 2014. Technetium 7 talks about the song "Model of a Modern Major General." Technetium 8 talks about unpredictable outcomes with the Psychic Field, which is why you should be altruistic and a Good Samaritan. Because the Psychic Field is unpredictable, it's better to just do what is in the best interest of society rather than use it for selfish gain because it could backfire or have unforeseen consequences trying to manipulate the Psychic Field selfishly.

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