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A man with demons of his own is set on a course of discovery. His life has been lived in complete ignorance of the events unfolding around him, all hidden in plain sight had he cared to look. Danny Gentry is no one's hero, nor has he ever tried to be. It is only when he learns of the murder of his ex wife that he begins to discover all of the truths that he has been oblivious to.
The stakes for discovery could not be higher, his best friend the Governor of South Carolina has aspirations to be President. The scandal that could result from the murder could derail those plans before they begin. It's up to Danny to find out the truth before more people are hurt.
The people in our lives are like carousel horses, we are all on the same ride. Sometimes we are up, sometimes we are down, but we all take the ride together.
That is, until the ride stops.

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