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Black Moon

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Brian Winters has reached a crossroads in his life as he approaches his eighteenth birthday. He is the youngest employee of the prestigious Phoenix Enterprises and one of the strongest psychics in the world. Even though he has a lot to be excited about, he’s been warned of a grave threat in a precognitive journal made by one of his ancestors. The Winters family precognitive journal has been handed down from generation to generation with specific information and advice to select descendents. Brian knows it is an honor to be one of the owners of this family heirloom but it also means that he has great challenges and threats to overcome.

Brian has reached the time where he is destined to confront his powerful nemesis who has an army of powerful psychics at his command. Brian must decipher the clues of the precognitive journal and hone his new psychic abilities if he has any chance of surviving this encounter.

Black Moon has received a five-star rating from the 2015 International Book Competition of the Reader's Choice Awards.

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