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Addicted to the Alphas: Part Three

55 pages43 minutes


When the demons attack the pack, the only thing standing between Jasmine and safety are a few boulders and the strength of the infuriated alpha, Abel. And when her best fried Lucy gets kidnapped by the demons, Jasmine has to find a way to get Abel and Xavier to work together long enough to save Lucy.

Add onto that the drama with Sandra, who claims she is to be wed to Xavier soon, and rumors of a mysterious curse circling the pack, and Jasmine is about to implode. Can she hold it together long enough to get her friend saved and make sure her heart doesn’t get broken in the process?

Addicted to the Alphas: Part Three is the third in an urban fantasy new adult romance serial. The length of this serialized installment is roughly 12,000 words, which is shorter than a book-more like a longish short story. It is episodic and not intended to be a standalone piece-i.e. it ends on a cliffhanger. It is a BBW/werewolf paranormal romance with strong sexual themes and is for adults only (age eighteen and older). Love scenes are fully realized and use explicit language.

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