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Grant Richards is a loving husband to his wife, Julia. The only dilemma is . . . he doesn’t know how to express all the love in his heart for her. This is overwhelming under appreciation for Julia soon drives her into the arms of a younger man. This brief affair erupts before Grant and awakens his dormant love for Julia, but Grant’s efforts to fight for his dying marriage falls on Julia’s unforgiven pain.
Now with Grant being torn between what his reality once was and the reality that is now set before him, he chooses the path of chaos that only drinking can construct.
Feeling hopeless and hurt, Grant devises a plan of revenge. He goes after the man who ruined his life. Not by way of murder, but by way of an old unwritten scripture, “A wife for a wife.” As his story unfolds, prepare yourself for an ending that will render you speechless.
I can only be on guard against my enemies, but God deliver me from my friends.
Charlotte Bronte
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