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Midge Fly and the End of The World

Length: 574 pages8 hours


By a fluke of (bad?) luck young Midge Fly comes into possession of a UPS (Universal Positioning System) unit, a highly advanced and slightly annoying tablet computer which makes it possible to travel across time, space, and dimensions. However, he soon realises that with opportunity comes obligation, and he is faced with the task of ... well, as it were, saving the world.

This task is to some extent hampered by the fact that several villains from various planets, universes, and dimensions, try to further their own goals, and if they succeed, the world as we know it is doomed. Fortunately, Midge's best friend, Stick, joins him in his quest, and the two companions set out on an adventure that spans the known universe and beyond.

Facing (and hopefully conquering) such diverse adversaries as an eight-foot tall greenish mercenary by the name of Grobut, an extremely nasty Space Shuttle dealer, and the bulk of the Artooroian Fleet, comprising nearly 1,500 space craft, Midge and Stick face the adventure of a lifetime. And incidentally, a lifetime which may well be dramatically curtailed if they fail. Will Midge and Stick succeed, or will they simply give up on page 491? Find out for yourself!

Should they fail, at least you'll have had a good read and gained a lot of interesting knowledge which may even help you beat your friends the next time you play a trivia quiz game!

Oh, and by the way, the book has got Elvis in it, too ...

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