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Plowing Through Magical ME Volumes as Fast as Possible

I believe it’s important to show what is going on in the news as we speak to help readers put this content in perspective. If people just read this content as a book about the Psychic Field without understanding why it’s important, interest will wane.

News for 8/2 of 2014 reports rebels raid a Lebanon border town demanding trade for detainees.

I put this in here to show how the world has become a more violent place. While people in the United States may think the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans will protect them, the world is become a smaller place.

Americans can’t afford to ignore what is going on around them in third world countries that are becoming destabilized as governments fail.

There’s an Ebola Virus outbreak that is hitting the Sierra Leone. All it takes is ignorance allowing the virus to slip through the cracks of airport security and make its way into the United States or other countries spreading the epidemic.

News for 8/2 of 2014 reports Aid Workers state Liberians, infected with Ebola Virus, are dying because of Ignorance

2) Ebola = E/B[N+A]LA = Sun 2/14 Alabama.

3) Ebola = E/B[I+6[LA = 529 + 6th Sign + Los Angeles = 5/29 Virgo Heaven

4) Sierra = SI(E)RRA(.,,) = SIRRAH x E-H = HE + [Redacted] (Double Negative)

5) He + (H)arris = Male (H)arris

6) I cite in this volume about [Redacted]burg, Pennsylvania

It means that when you unscramble the location of where the Ebola Virus

What you may think sounds preposterous or absurd about the idea of being able to talk to the Sun and Earth that are alive is valuable if it turns out to be true. If you can prove that you can talk to the Planet Earth and it can respond, you can speed up ending wars.

You can avert a World War III.

If you can set off the idea that the Earth is alive and make the people stop and listen, they’ll stop fighting amongst themselves. You can initiate steps to de-escalating the situation to lead toward World Peace.

All the funding that is going towards war efforts can be redirected toward building schools and advancements in technology around the world.

That’s got to be worth something to somebody.

That’s got to be worth setting aside your skepticism to just listen to what I have to say about the Psychic Field and claims that the Earth is alive. If you can make information like this go public that the Planet is alive, you can rally behind the Planet Earth to be the one to lay down the Law and tell other countries to fighting with each other.

That’s why I claim people should read this with an open mind. Maybe you’ll find that you hate my content and everything I said. However, rather than just making an assumption about it and discarding it, give it a chance.

Even you still think it’s crap by the time you’re done reading my literature, you can walk away with peace of mind that you gave it a shot. At least you know you checked out the information and didn’t just throw it away without looking at it.

People say that they’re too busy to read and have so much stuff going on in their lives. I don’t think it’s asking too much of people’s time to read this literature if there’s a chance that it will prevent millions of lost lives and avoiding our world plunging into chaos or social anarchy.

* * *

For those of you who have been keeping up with my Big Ban Theory Volume Series, I said I was going at a pace of one volume per day barring any interruptions. However, I also try to make the volumes over 30,000 words.

As I was formatting this volume, I noticed that Magical ME Volumes 7 through 12 were roughly 5,000 words each. So I started grouping them. I had set a projection date of posting between 6/20 of 2014 to 9/10 of 2014 publishing one volume a day.

I had said that I’m suffering burn-out. If you think reading my long-winded crap is a serious chore for you try writing it.

People think I enjoy writing this content.

I actually despise it.

Readers may think that this is fun for me or that I really enjoy hearing myself talk or reading my prose. It’s actually embarrassing.

1) I have to convince people I have Psychic Abilities that can be seen in the Associated Press Feed every day

2) I have to convince people the Earth is alive

3) I have to convince people the Sun is alive

4) I have to convince people I’m best buds or friends with the Planet Earth

5) I have to convince people I’m friends with the Sun

6) I have to convince people that the Planet Earth has been telling me it’s not happy with what people are doing

7) I have to convince people that the Sun is not happy with what people are doing

8) I have to convince the Scientific Community that they’re wrong

9) I have to convince Religious people that they’re wrong

10) I have to convince people that the Planet Earth issued me a Superman Title

11) I have to convince people that the Planet Earth issued me a Jesus Christ Title

12) I have to convince people that the Planet Earth issued me a Virgin Mother Title (Oh yeah, and by the way, I’m a guy)

It’s going to be one big f*cking Hatefest all on me. You tell me. Which of these 1st 11 points isn’t going to piss someone off? If people are fine with that, there’s still the last part about the Virgin who partnered with (a female) God being a guy.

That’s why it’s ironic that in the 6 volumes I’ve scrunched together, Magical ME, Volume 9 was only on1 chapter by itself sandwiched between Volumes 8 and 10 in here. It’s the one about the Female Surgeon Analogy.

I had staked the claim that the Immaculate Conception is actually a Riddle.

It was a Riddle to see if people could figure out that God is Female and the Virgin was a Male. When you ask God for help, you’re coming to God. That is the act of giving (Male Aspect). God listening to you is receiving (Female Aspect).

Basically God was testing humans to see who would figure out that God is a woman. I’ve already said this, but it’s where you see this in nature. In human reproduction, the Ovum (Female as the Receiver) is larger than the Sperm (Male as the Giver).

This is seen in computers where the Computer Tower is the Female Aspect that is in possession of the Information while the Installation Disk that is smaller than the Computer Tower. You have to insert the Installation Disk (Sperm) into the Computer (Ovum).

1) Religious people say God is infinite, vast, and made everything

2) God mated with a Virgin

3) The Virgin was human

4) If God is everything or that vast, then logic would dictate the Virgin was the smaller of the 2 parents that yielded the child Jesus Christ

5) The smaller of the 2 parents is the Sperm

6) The larger of the 2 parents is the Ovum

7) The Sun (God) that created our Solar System is spherical like an orb or shaped like an Ovum

The hardest argument I have to prove is that a tiny human being can talk to Earth, much less the Sun that is 109 times the size of our Planet.

I’ve used the argument of Human Reproduction as a scale model.

Apply the Human Reproduction process of humans as a scaled model to that of the Sun as a living organism with the solar system as the body of a woman.

1) The sperm that created you is so microscopic you can’t even see it with the naked eye

2) The Sun does a full rotation every 28 days, which is the average length of a woman’s menstrual cycle

3) Imagine the Solar System is the human female body

4) Imagine the Sun as the human female brain

5) Imagine Planet Earth as the size of a marble like the ovum in a woman’s uterus

6) Imagine the 7 billion microscopic humans crawling around the surface of Planet Earth to be the equivalent of the 220 million sperm that will squiggle around along the surface of an ovum as seen under a microscope

7) The scale model of a tiny sperm under a microscope trying to penetrate an ovum would be a scaled model of a human being as a Planet-Sized Sperm crawling around on the surface of Earth as the Planet-Sized Ovum of the Sun as a woman

I said that I’m the Virgin Planet-Sized Sperm that figured out the Immaculate Conception Riddle. It’s the merging of human genetics with the Bible.

1) The Scientific Community hasn’t figured it out is because they usually belong to the Atheist Community that doesn’t believe in the Bible or God

2) The Religious Community hasn’t figured it out because they shun science and that their noses buried in a Bible rather than a science book

I said to think about it from a strategic perspective regarding God. If God supposedly mated with a Virgin and could have the pick of any Virgin, what kind of Virgin would God choose?

A dumb Virgin?


God would most likely take a Virgin from the opposite side or group opposed to God that doesn’t believe in God.

Think about it.

If God wanted to win the war against Atheism, the best Virgin to get would be a Virgin raised as an Atheist and was trained by Atheists and Scientists.

The union of God and a Virgin Atheist would yield a Jesus Christ who has the powers of a God, but the Intelligence of a Scientist or Atheist. The Virgin would raise Jesus Christ or homeschool Jesus Christ teaching everything about Atheism and Science.

1) God would choose the smartest or most intellectually resilient Virgin that humankind would have to offer.

2) God would choose a Virgin with a well-rounded education in most subjects

3) God would choose a Virgin that knows all about computers, programming languages, and wireless communication so that the Virgin would understand how the Electromagnetic Field as a Wireless Communication Grid functions a Planetary Local Area Network

4) God would want a Virgin that understands the physiology of the Planet Earth as a brain floating in space where the Electromagnetic Field interconnects people as Planet-Sized Brain Cells creating a Collective Consciousness of the Planet that runs parallel to the scaled model of the electrical field that interconnects your individual brain cells creating your Collective Consciousness

If you’re reading this and scratching your heads because you don’t know what I just said, then that’s exactly why the Sun and Earth chose me as the Virgin.

I’m sorry if this comes off as insulting, but it’s because you don’t get it.

That’s why the Sun and Earth don’t talk to you, but they will talk to me. It’s because I figured it out and understand them.

When you’re looking for a partner or a mate, you want someone who understands you.

That’s a fact when it comes to human relationships. You try to find someone who gets you. They understand who you are as a person.

When people read the last couple volumes where I just seem to make a big stink about how redhead [Redacted] was stolen by 20 year old [Redacted], it’s because redhead [Redacted] as of 8/2 of 2014 was the only one at the time who understood me.

That’s not to say there aren’t any other fish in the sea, but she was the one woman I had told between 2011 and 2014 that I talk to the Sun and Earth who didn’t look at me like a freak or thought I was crazy.

In case you’re wondering, she’s not mentally well and is seeing a therapist.

You can laugh, but really the joke is on human society. You’ve got 7 billion people on the Planet, and redhead [Redacted] was the best people could come up with as a partner. You’ve have all these other women around the world, but she was the only one I found to date who was compatible with me.

This volume covers the Ebola Virus that has spread. I’m going to show you how it’s tied to what’s going on. I’m going to show you why what happens to me matters.

Ruthenium 1

Mom in [Redacted]burg, PA Didn’t Know Son was Dead Till the Smell Set In

I wanted to show you a news article that shows the pattern still running through the Associated Press Feed. I want you to see the same tags. When you zero in on the pattern and see it popping up every day, it’s that error message flashing across the screen.

1) News for 8/2 of 2014 reports a mother in [Redacted]burg, Pennsylvania didn’t know the boy was dead until the smell set in.

2) The father Jarrod Tutko was charged with child endangerment

3) Jarrod = Rod

4) My name is Rod

5) It was in [Redacted]burg, Pennsylvania

6) I said [Redacted] is linked to Richard [Redacted] as Albus Dumbledore

7) The ID tag for the news article ends in 617

8) I said Thomas Hayden Church played the Sandman and is born 6/17 like Rastov who created the Buk Missile System that shot own Malaysian Flight MH17

9) The Area Code for [Redacted]burg, Pennsylvania is 717. Malaysian Flight MH17 crashed on 7/17 of 2014.

Actually if you pull out MA from M[H]17, it becomes MA+G17 or MA+717. It’s MA for the Virgin Mother. That’s why I