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Getting Back Into a Girl’s Shorts: More Short Sometimes-Erotic Fiction about Women With Women

Length: 337 pages4 hours


Helena is shopping, and bored, and not finding what she wants, but then she realizes a helpful sales assistant might actually be flirting with her. Erica agrees to be a best man for her male best friend, and during the wedding rehearsal she meets Cara, one of the bridesmaids, who has some interesting ideas about what bridesmaids and best men ought to do together. Josie is shopping for a new car, and gets more than she expects from the saleswoman, and then something similar happens again, as she buys petrol. Pip is walking home when she is overtaken by Billie, on a skateboard, wearing a gown, and that is a strange enough sight that Pip says hi. Becky and Liv have gone out to cheer Becky up, because Becky is single, and utterly sick of single, and then Liv offers to cheer Becky up another way, too. Holly, a tourist, is at Pamplona for the running of the bulls, and meets another woman who is running too.

Twenty-one stories about women encountering other women in sex and in love.

Bridesmaid Duties
Buying Cars
Buying Petrol
Crushing on Doctors
Labels and Toys
Not-Sex on Not-Dates
After Work
Support Our Troops
Watching the World Cup
Naomi’s Beautician
Tupperware Party
Anonymous Afterword
Looking Good Even When No-One Cares
A Night For Natalie
Skateboards and Gowns
San Fermín

A collection of stories about women with other women. Some of these stories are graphically erotic, and some are almost entirely not about sex, but about people and their relationships instead.

And um, hi! This is Tess. Sorry, this is a bit of a weird change in tone. So before you buy this, I just wanted to say that everything I write is available free too. Yes, the stories that make up this collection, along with everything else. Just to be really clear, so no-one is upset when they realize later on. This book collects these stories into an actual book, and an ebook is probably easier to read, and if you would like to buy it, I would really appreciate it, and that would be fantastic. But on the other hand, if you’d rather try reading a little first, or would rather not pay at all for whatever reason, then please come to my website or Wattpad and read there.

And thank you for looking at this!

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