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Love at first sight is a phenomenon written about and spoken of often. The concept that anyone could fall in love with another at the first sighting poses a type of mystical awe inspiring feeling. The notion of love at first sight has traveled through centuries of writings and has continued to enamor us.
The reference to love at first sight has been noted in Greek Mythology; consider Narcissus and Cupid. The concept can be found in literary works and songs. Note the first line in the novel by Joseph Heller, It was love at first sight. It can be found written of by Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet and yes, even in animated stories as Disney’s Little Mermaid. It even makes its appearance in music. Consider the song by the Beatles, With a Little Help From my Friends and the song by Styx, Love at First Sight. The description of this concept has been depicted by Styx.
The effects of the love at first sight phenomenon has survived through the centuries with the characters having different outcomes, some tragic, some happily ever after.
The book HIM is based on this love at first sight phenomenon. She sees him and she falls instantly in love. But, how does this phenomenon affect her? It obsesses her, takes over her life, her being. Nothing matters but Him. Can she survive the onslaught of this emotion or will it consume her?
Happily ever after or tragic? You decide.

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