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This book is a classic on the realities of the new creation. It sheds light on who the new creation really is and what his abilities are. It teaches:
How to stand your grounds against the challenges and difficulties of life while demonstrating your authority in Christ.
How program your life for success and excellence by using what I identify as the kingdom success key.
It also sheds light on the subject of baptism, compares the tree types of baptism discussed in scriptures and their implications;
The more excellent way, that one thing that Jesus said is needful, and the distinguishing power of love
Your rights as a child of God and how to exercise that right in making choices and reigning/ruling in life.
How that you can be anything you want and achieve anything you want if you will only believe and learn from the chronicles of prayer and lots more ...

Published: Charles Ugeh on
ISBN: 9781310010941
List price: $9.49
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