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10 Nice Mind Tricks To Allow More Money Into Your Life: A Paradigm Shift To Coming Home: Soft & Effective Self-Help: Allowing Money, #1

Length: 68 pages55 minutes


"To become wealthy, you must release your resistance to money."
"But I don't feel resistant... what exactly should I release?"

"Follow your bliss. It's important to hold on to positive thoughts."
"It's easy to say. :) Sometimes my dark mood just doesn't let me go... what do I do then?"

"Wrong beliefs won't let money come to you."
"Well, how do I dig up those wrong beliefs? How do I change them?"

What are these mind tricks? Insights I used, to shift myself to a better-feeling life.

What it will give you:
- when you want to feel grateful about the money coming to you right now, but can't – a simple way to overcome the barrier;
- when you’re trying to run away from painful thoughts and only come back to them – how to break the circle;
- when we start practicing the Law of Attraction, we often start blaming ourselves for negative thoughts. A simple way to overcome it;
- how to define what you want, in such a way that you feel good;
- two “reasons” of feeling unworthy and how to reverse them;
- what procrastination and dealing with “how”s have in common – an unexpected way to speed up moving on with your projects;
- how to immerse in good-feeling habits easier;
- a magic phrase for ease, fun, clarity and balance;
and so much more!

These mind tricks worked wonders for me. I still come back to this book, to use these principles in other areas of my life.

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