Aim Right Next Time
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I know who will do what in my life
don't question shit I do. Everybody I fuck with knows how I fuck with them
who cares about your opinion let me use your hands to wipe my ass...........
I thought so don't matter what fuck shit you got going wrong with you
last time I seen my daughter I had to reintroduce myself
just like the time before and the time before and so on and so on
pressing harder than ever before I want more I want more
more for myself more for her than I've ever had
and excuse me for wanting to slap the shit out of my dad
sometimes I cry just wondering what she doing
still pursuing to do what I need to get her with me
just so nobody else can tell her about me
I thought I was alone with this then I meet my big brother without him
then later meet my little sister
funny how three people can't stand the same person
who help brought you here
even after all these years I wish he just disappear
still looking for a birthday card is that too hard must be
still haven't heard from you in damn near three years
don't worry about calling me now cause fucker I'm fine
taking care of me and mines thinking about how you never did anything
makes me want to do everything for her and much more
so I thank you for showing me everything of what not to do
as long as she can see some of anything I do
as long as she knows my presence
when it boils down to it I don't really care for a present
I just want her present cleaning off a boo boo and placing a band aid on her
giving her a hug during a lighting storm
letting her know I'm all for her her personal angel guardian
teacher and most important her gene
letting her see where not only her looks come from
but how she catch an attitude on any day
why she loves to love and laugh so hard
and strive to be great along with being a helping hand
makes me wonder why you never wanted to pass these traits down to us
so I'll be the first to apologize for fucking up your life
and to her I'm never quitting on us
no matter how hard your mother press for us not to be
in time you shall see the situation for what it is
we enjoyed each other's company at one point
sorry it didn't work to her favor
but who wants to deal with a crazy
if it wasn't for Marcus and Kalin
I wouldn't have seen the future
So yes it made me take a step back
Just waiting for the right time
It shall not last forever
One day we shall be together
And when that day comes I'll answer every question
It doesn't matter I'll answer them all
So until then I'm preparing my answers truthfully and honestly
I love you Lil Nap
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781499054507
List price: $3.99
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