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An Aspiring Ballerina's Guide to: Auditions

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For most dancers, at one stage in your career you will have to attend an audition; whether it is to get into a school or to get that job you've always wanted.
Unlike a performance where you've had the opportunity to practice your steps many times before displaying them to an audience, the audition process can be a completely unfamiliar and nerve wracking experience, requiring you to face new challenges outside of your comfort zone.

- What to wear?
- What companies are out there?
- What can I expect?
- When and how should I audition?
- Where should I stay?
- What should my resume look like?
- How do I find companies to audition for?

Luckily for you, having experienced my fair share of auditions, I have compiled this book to guide you in your ventures. This short volume in the "Aspiring Ballerina's Guide to" series is designed to help ballet dancers identify these challenges and give themselves the best chance of success in an audition.

From resume details, photos and audition DVD's, to choosing the perfect attire, we've got it covered. You'll also find links to many company websites along with other helpful resources to get your started.

Get your copy now, and be one step ahead of the rest!!

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