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College Bliss (The Adventures of Jaz Jimínez)

Length: 101 pages1 hour


The Adventures of Jaz Jimínez series has followed one of the most unconventional freshman orientations a college co-ed has ever undergone. Now, in College Bliss, the entire series is collected in one complete, novella-length volume. Thrill along with the wild ride Kara offers her inexperienced freshman roommate, Jaz, from the pages of Bliss Kiss, Beyond Bliss Kiss, Pure Bliss, and Steamy Bliss. Get all four volumes for one low price. It's a tale of erotic romance, spiced with good humor, you'll never forget.

Warning: Adults Only. This title contains erotic situations, including strong language and sexual situations between two females. Do not purchase unless you are 18 or older, or if you believe you might find such content offensive.

College Bliss is an erotic romance novella, approximately 24,000 words in length. It collects all four installments in the Adventures of Jaz Jimínez series. Look for more of Jaz' adventures in college in Holiday Bliss Omnibus Editon, and try out other Sarah Salari titles like Sleepless Over and her first non-erotica lesbian suspense novel, Kari Okay!

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