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Lucas Warbuck, The Prophet's Call, Book 1

174 pages2 hours


When just-about-twelve year old Lucas Warbuck receives a book from a prophet, it opens up a world of secrets, schemes and trickery... and holds a special message that he doesn’t even bother to read. Suddenly the kingdom of Darkotika is scrambling. Who is this boy who looks so...well, ordinary? The average Middling would never dream about kingdoms in realms of darkness or light... and possibilities. Somehow Lucas sees things others do not; not that they couldn’t... they just didn’t. His life may not be so average after all! So when Darkotika’s spies with long-nosed telescopic lenses come snooping around the town of Target for him... and an unsuspecting kid is snatched right out of his seat at the movie theater. Well, you can see where we’re headed! How on earth did this happen? Lucas Warbuck... summoned? Will he ever find out? And what if he does?

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