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Awakening the Heart: 21 Ways to Follow Love's Message

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The quality of your life depends on one essential ingredient. This is the degree to which you can give and receive love. Everyday, in every way, the Message of Love is speaking to you to be uniquely and gloriously expressed through you. You are designed to be a unique and radiant expression of Love in form.

Awakening the Heart – 21 Ways to Follow Love’s Message shares twenty-one ways to become aware that Love is a state of Being that you are each and every day. Healing the Heart Chakra is about who you are at the very centre of your Being. Healing the heart chakra is not about finding love but dissolving all the blocks that keep you from your essential nature as Love’s radiant presence expressing its fullness through you.

In this compelling, beautiful and practical book you are invited to begin from a profound understanding. This is the realization that you are Love and are being informed by the radiance of Love in each and every moment. When you are in alignment with this essential wisdom, then you become the fulfilled. You open the heart to the fullness you are created to be, expand into and to pour away in glory for the highest good of all.

In both profound and practical ways, this book shows you ways to open the heart center through awareness of your everyday life experience. This includes becoming aware of the way in which the Message of Love speaks to you through the songs you sing or listen to, the movies you watch and books you read. You are invited to realise peace of mind and be in touch with that which is sensational within you.

The world desperately needs to emphasize Love as being the central purpose of creation. This book invites you to live that creative One Life, to live the blessing of a life with your heart giving and receiving Love aligned to your unique life purpose.

In whatever way love manifests in your life at this time, Healing the Heart Chakra will help you see your journey in a wonderfully heroic way and allow you to live everyday with greater joy and fulfillment. The Message of Love will be realized as your very essence and you will radiate your light into the world with power, presence and beauty. You will realize that you really are a star in the making. Such is the invitation from Awakening the Heart - 21 Ways to Follow Love’s Message.

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