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Gone to Shit: Surviving

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Life is never going to be the same for Michael Munroe, his brother and his family. Seven years ago, scientists warned the world of a NEA – near-Earth asteroid – but assured everybody that it posed no threat to life on Earth. They were wrong. Billions of lives were lost, leaving only a million survivors scattered across the globe.

Surviving is the only thing on Michael’s mind and sticking together is the only way his family and the handful of people under his watch are able to live to see the next day.

However, this annihilation gave birth to a new kind of threat, The Night Wind – a community who scour the city at night, abducting women and impregnating them to help give birth to a new world, and those who refuse and stand against their visions for the future are butchered without mercy.

With The Night Wind growing every day, Michael is forced to make decisions to keep pushing forward and keep his family alive, but, unlike his brother, Julian, who eliminates a threat without hesitation, Michael prefers to talk his way out of bad situations... How do you question your beliefs, hold onto your morals and reluctance to kill or be killed after The Night Wind comes knocking?

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