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The Lord's Missing Daughter

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Lord William’s heir has married with the new wife displacing Lizbeth as hostess. Her only option, according to her father, is to find a husband and begin managing her own household. Unfortunately her unusual upbringing has achieved a somewhat hoydenish reputation amongst neighbours. Lord William is left with little choice but to look amongst the gentlemen of the Ton.

Lord Henry is in the same predicament with his son Charles who has failed to live up to his duty and produce an heir. Lord Henry has taken matters into his own hands and the two gentlemen begin negotiations before discussing the matter with either of them.

After Lord William informs Lizbeth of her future, she runs away from the only home she had ever known and enlists in the army under the guise of Jack Fitzgerald. Her plan is to escape an unwanted marriage to a complete stranger but is then deployed into a war-torn Portugal. The only bright light of this detour is that her brother Andrew is her commanding officer.

So determined to avoid the devastating life of stupid society wife, Lizbeth is shocked as she falls in love with her company’s second in command.

Charlie is both drawn to and repelled by Jack. The lad has done nothing but argue since arriving. The fact that his normally placid best friend turns into a twittering fool is cause enough to worry but his own overwhelming urge to shelter the youngster is downright disturbing. When he discovers that young Jack is in fact Andrew’s baby sister, his mind reels and his heart becomes fully engaged. She is the most desirable chit he’d crossed paths with his entire life and he moves heaven and hell to make her his wife. Before he is able to send Lizbeth to safety, his wife is wounded upon the battlefield of Talavera. Andrew and he rush home before she gives up the fight. As her life teeters on the edge, Charlie begins to understand the true meaning of love.

Lizbeth returns to London and recovers from her ordeal only to discover that her husband is the very man she ran away from. Has God has seen fit to mock her by providing a husband who married her for duty not the love she’d convinced herself of?

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