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Proverbs Daily Devotions I

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Proverbs is the Wisdom of God expressed through a worldly king, so it has much deeper meanings for all peoples. Solomon is best known as the wisest king and people came from near and far to see for themselves how wise he was. Funny,, I should say "was" because the words that Solomon wrote and collected live still today. These 900 plus sayings still resonate with power, precision, and proclamation! In 2013 I wrote a book of the lessons and findings from my ministry to an men's addiction home. I saw the same pressures of Solomon's day still existed and together we found that the same answers still applied. Go with me now as I complete my study of the remainder of the proverbs. I will release a 31 day listing of these proverbs until the proverbs are completed. Join me now in the first listing.

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