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Stock Market Investing for Employees

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Stock Market Investing for Employees is a book specially written for employees. The book capitalizes on the unique edge employees have in the stock market. It's unfortunate that in spite of having this unique edge, employees stay away from the stock market. The financial community, which comprises stock analysts, fund managers, experts, brokers, et cetera, has made the stock market so puzzling for the layman that many people have come to dread the market. In reality, stock market investing is easy and all common sense. The stock market is one of the most effective ways to earn money without having to work yourself. This book will tell you all you need to know about the stock market and how to operate in it—profitably.

Table of Contents:
1. Essentials of the Stock Market
2. Investing in Stocks
3. Investing in Stocks—the EPS Approach
4. The Most Important Stock-Related Issues
5. Traits of the Successful Stock Investor
6. Stocks vs. Other Investment Vehicles
7. Money Management
8. History of Stock Market Crises

Key Features: This small book is what all you will ever need to operate in the stock market. The book has been generically written, so no matter where you live you can apply its methods. It has no stock-specific examples, and this gives the book a universal appeal. Whether you are a novice or already a stock investor, you will find the book useful. The book will equip you with the basics of stock investing. Its out-of-the-box approach will offer a fresh insight into the stock market and stocks.The methods suggested in the book are easy yet effective and can be practiced by anyone, especially employees, who have only limited time at disposal. The book has no graphs, charts, and unnecessary math and financial jargon. It has only pure information that can be readily put to use. Access supporting templates free of cost on the website of the book. The bonus chapter on money management will help you set your financial curve in shape.

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