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A Trainspotters Guide To other Earths

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This is the life story of a geek from a small town, who accidentally discovers, he believes, that by holding his nose tightly, screwing up his eyes into tiny slits and blowing trapped air against his tightly closed nose, he can if he gets it just right, merge and blur the universe around him, just enough to be able to slip from one plane of existence into another.
He then discovers that the further he moves away from his start existence, the more time has split and different pathways have opened up within society.
Little does he realize that he has discovered nothing, that he is being sought and maneuvered by an alien 'She,' to another place, there to become the saviour of a different world called Earth.
This is the story of his adventures, and the enlightening road down which his life meanders. This is the story of a dedicated Trainspotter who battles a despicable malignant horror that threatens all life and how he becomes an unknown hero to millions, whilst learning a thing or two about himself along the way.

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