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The Secluded Worshipper: The Life, Ministry, And Glorification Of The Prophetess Anna

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The burden of this book has been on me for many years. I first wrote the accompanying prayer topics about the book I had in mind three years ago, so that my “praying authors” and I the “writing author” might bury the book in prayer before it is written. I had hoped to write the book in 1989, and I did actually attempt to write it then. As I began to write, there were many things that were only truth in my mind and not in my life experience. I consequently stopped the writing of the book, so that I should not write theory. Again in 1990, I fasted and started writing the book, but the Holy Spirit hindered me. Meanwhile my co-workers continued to labour in prayer, and the requirement in prayer hours has been exceeded by a good margin. I am including the prayer topics we wrote for the writing of the book so that you may share our experience.

The Lord has wrought something in my life between 1990 and today, largely in the area of deliverance from sin, deliverance from self, deliverance from the love of the world, deliverance from the love of the things of the world, being filled with the Holy Spirit, and the knowledge of the Lord. I now feel that I can write the book, though with fear and trembling, and not from a position of perfection, but from the position of one who has received unmerited grace to write it.

The Lord is the believer’s all. He is the believer’s everything. He should be sought, found, known and loved. He should be made the believer’s bliss, and out of that knowledge of Him should flow service that satisfies His heart. God seeks lovers who, out of love, will serve Him, and not just servants who, out of duty, will do many things for Him.

In frequent withdrawals of short and long duration, the hungry soul can seek and find the Lord. This will allow for worship and service for Him. It will also provide for a spirituality in this world that satisfies His heart.

To those who are not too carried away with the superficialities of our generation, we offer this book with prayer that the Blessed Holy Spirit be glad to use it for the glory of the Lamb who even now is ministering from the throne in seclusion. To Him be honour and praise.

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