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Dragon's Beautiful Treasure

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Tianna is a beautiful princess, eager to gain a good marriage. Arrogant, beautiful Prince Han is heir apparent of the Kingdom of Caraca, and the man Tianna intends to marry despite his roving eye.

Drake is an immortal dragon who has known love and sorrow. Maybe too often. His life is one death defying adventure after another. Treasure is what all dragons crave, with danger the spice in Drake's long life.

What happens when the dreaded dragon snatches the beautiful princess from the jaws of honorable marriage? What will Drake do when he has to chose between the princess and his treasure?

* * * Only for 18+ adults * * *

About the Author:
Cat Wilder has been writing SF and Fantasy under another pen name for years. For all of those years she wanted to really let it rip and tell some truly wild and wicked stories. The e-book revolution has given her the opportunity to tell her sexy stories. Cat is a lifelong Texan, from down around Houston, kind of Space Central for NASA. She's married with dogs.

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