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The Radisaurs, Auna Put the Phone Down!

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The Radisaurs: Part Dinosaur, Part Animal and Full of Adventure!
Would you like to go surfing with a stegophant? How about going bowling with a brontobee? Do you dream about exploring new places and having fun with new friends? If you do, then come along on a reading adventure with the RadisaursTM (rad-i-sores).

Children enjoy anthropomorphic tales with dinosaurs and other animals. In a new twist, The RadisaursTM combine this attraction by introducing characters that are half dinosaur, half modern animal – and have an interest in being active. We meet:

* Auna, a brontobee (brontosaurus + bumble bee)
* T-Bone, a stegophant (stegosaurus + elephant)
* Mr. Hayward Beardsley, a tyrannopotamus (hippopotamus + tyrannosaurus rex)...and more

In The Radisaurs: Auna Put the Phone Down, Auna’s phone seems to be the most important thing in the world to her! Her friends want her to have fun with them but Auna can’t seem to put her phone down! Now she is at risk of losing all her friends! Read Auna Put the Phone Down, the second entry in the RadisaursTM series of books, to see if Auna learns that time with her friends is more important than time on her phone.

Composed of short sentences, this illustrated, entertaining story is well suited to new readers, ages 5 – 10. The story flows with fun and adventure while exploring how technology can interfere with our ability to interact with those we care for the most.

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