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Reflections of a Ripple "Love in Motion"

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A young serviceman’s life is transformed by a chance encounter with a pretty cashier at a commissary. From that moment, Henry knows that Emily is the one and only woman for him.
That instant was the drop that began a ripple that encircled Henry for the rest of his life.
But it’s anything but smooth sailing on the Sea of Love for the young couple. Henry and Emily have a long wait for the happily-ever-after ending to their love story.
Their lives are torn apart—first by war, then by tragedy and misunderstanding. Emily marries another man and moves far away. Decades later, Henry finds himself a lonely bachelor, still pining for his lost love.
When the phone rings one night, Henry’s life is transformed by a new ripple that once again changes the course of his life. His dreams come true when he hears the voice of his long-lost love on the other end of the line. A recently widowed Emily is suddenly back in his life, and he’s not about to let her get away a second time.
Hastily, he puts his house on the market and makes plans to fly across the country to marry the love of his life.
He sells his house to James and Carlee, a young couple who yearn for a baby, but are plagued by fertility problems.
As Henry settles into his new life with Emily, he finds the joy and fulfillment he’d always hoped for, along with some big surprises and challenges he’s never expected. He also finds his new life strangely and miraculously intertwined with that of James and Carlee, the young couple to whom he sold his former home.
Inspired by real-life events taken from her family’s personal experiences, author Gail Winegar weaves a tender, touching love story in which hope and joy wash over a family devastated by the tragic storms of life.

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