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Lovernios: 'The Lindow Man'

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In 1984, a 2000 year old, perfectly preserved body was discovered in a peat bog near Manchester, UK. Dubbed the Lindow man, extensive testing revealed much about his life. As facts were discovered and assumptions were made about who he was, it seemed imperative to give this man a life, a history, set in the times he had lived in.

Born in the year 30 AD his brief life, which ended in 61 AD, spanned a tumultuous time in English history. Lovernios lived through the intriguing times of the Druids and the terrifying days of repeated Roman invasions on the country.

These were difficult and dark years in the history of the United Kingdom and the story of Lovernios includes the culture, lifestyle, hardships, loves and wars of Lovernios and his family as they fought for survival.

Using fact, studied over a period of a year, carefully interwoven with fiction, the fascinating and often tragic life of Lovernios moves from his most auspicious birth and childhood, to his life as a Druid, the lives of various Caesars and their attempted Roman invasions, culminating in the untimely ‘triple’ death of Lovernios as a Supreme Sacrifice intended to save the country from the clutches of Rome, a sacrifice that did appear to have warded off further invasion and indeed save England.

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