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How Big Is Your Umbrella: Weathering the Storms of Life (Second Edition)

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How Big Is Your Umbrella? helps those who have lost–lost children, lost jobs, lost marriages, lost dreams, even lost hope–have it out with God, and emerge, whole, on the other side.

Growing out of the pain the author felt when she lost her son, and drawing from others’ stories of loss, this small, easy-to-read book takes readers through a journey of conversation with God. The book walks through the things we yell at God when life is tough, and the things that God whispers back in the midst of our pain.

You will find that answers do not always come, but in the end it is not the answers that matter nearly as much as the relationship. And after all, most of us would rather be outside in the rain huddling beside one who loves us and is protecting us, rather than outside in the rain with all the comprehension in the world, but still feeling utterly alone.

God is like that. He is our shelter, not our encyclopedia. And when we hurt, that’s really what we’re looking for.

A perfect gift for those who are struggling, questioning, or crying, How Big is Your Umbrella is an unintimidating entrance into the heart of our storms, and a map for emerging safely and securely on the other side.

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