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Nancy Werlock's Diary: The Walking Dead

46 pages36 minutes


Season Two of the Nancy Werlock's Diary series begins with Nancy Werlock's Diary: The Walking Dead. This collection features two short stories (approximately 9100 words total).

Like a Kick in the Head: Joshua Brynwolf, Lord Advocate of the Eighth of the Nine and alleged murderer of Grande Madame Vivika, has gone into hiding. And of course just when Nancy learns this information, she also realizes Houston has gone missing.

The Walking Dead: What happens when hundreds of zombie fans participate in a charity zombie walk in the vicinity of a powerful cairn at a time when the Veil is growing thinner with each passing day? Nancy really doesn’t want to find out.

This is the 8th episode in the series. Readers that would like to catch up can now get episodes one through seven in an omnibus collection, Nancy Werlock's Diary: Season One.

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