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Quickies, Vol. 3

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Four short and sexy tales designed to capture your imagination and arouse your senses. In order, they are:
-- The Young Lady Who's Down on Her Luck: A very adult nursery rhyme with very adult sensibilities
-- Scared Out of Her Pants: Frank takes his friends Kelli and Sandy on a tour of his haunted house. How will Kelli and Sandy feel by the time they get out, if they get out?
-- Rising to Management: His recent promotion gives one employee the chance to clean out his old desk. When he comes across one old invention of his, he decides to test it to see if it still works; his secretary Laurie is as good a test subject as any.
-- Tinker, Trainer, Philosopher, Spy: Lucy takes on an undercover assignment to try and infiltrate one of her employer's competitors. Has she bitten off more than she can chew with this one assignment?

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